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Technical support and knowledge base

Whether you need help in setting up your email accounts, want to know about web servers or need to get in touch with our support teams, you’ll find our support pages should help you out.


Setting up email on the iPhone/iPad

Setting up your Apple product to pick up your WebCreationUK e-mail is quite straightforward, although you will need to enter the details manually where requested.

1. Firstly in the 'Settings Menu', select 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars'

2. Then on the next screen, select 'Add Account'

3. Here you should select 'Other' as the type of account to add.

4. You should then select 'Add Mail Account'.

5. This will take you through to a screen where you need to input the details provided by our team.

  • IMAP / POP - Select IMAP
  • Name - Call this whatever you'd like the account to be called
  • Email - This is your e-mail address
  • Password - Your password as supplied by us
  • Description - Any short description of the account you'd like to enter

The settings for Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server are the same

  • Host Name - The mail server provided by us, normally mail2.webcreationuk.com
  • User Name - This should be your complete e-mail address
  • Password - Your password as supplied by us

Once done, click 'Save'

iphone email setup

6. The account details will then be verified

iphone email setup

7. You may get a notification saying 'Cannot Connect Using SSL. If you get this click 'Yes', you will get asked again and should again click 'Yes'.

Your account will now be ready to use

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