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Technical support and knowledge base

Whether you need help in setting up your email accounts, want to know about web servers or need to get in touch with our support teams, you’ll find our support pages should help you out.

Website Content

Adding your website content

Adding your website content

Once you have approved the design of your website and your developer has coded the site, the next stage will be to add the content. You can supply the content in e-mail form and, if you'd like, the initial pages to be loaded up, but most of the time you will probably want to use the supplied Content Management System to add and refine your content.

General Content

As Web Designers, we can not write your content for you as every business is different and you will know your business better than us, however if you are stuck you could hire a copywriter to produce this for you.

Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy / Delivery and Returns

For many businesses these are legal requirements, especially for e-commerce sites and many payment providers will not allow a site to go live without these. If you are in doubt as to the content to place on these pages we recommend the use of a solicitor to ensure that your business is complying with the correct regulations.


All images supplied for use on your website by our developers will be licensed for use on your website only. If you add additional images you should ensure that these are also correctly licensed, any images placed on the site by a client are your responsibility as per our Ts and Cs.

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